About Newsroom by the Bay (referred to frequently as NBTB on this site): 

We are an intensive summer workshop for high school journalists on the beautiful Stanford campus, one hour south of San Francisco.

At Newsroom by the Bay, students focus on journalism basics, including how to report and structure news and feature stories. They also learn about the new world of digital media, including how to write stories and headlines that attract readers; how to craft multimedia packages including video, podcasts and slideshows; and how to use the latest in digital storytelling software and equipment.

About Y2 students:

Year 2 students, led by counselor Scott Landis and CITs Casey Miller and Simon Greenhill, are the core of this site. On the Globe, readers will find stories about projects that Y2 students do at camp, as well as pieces from Y2 students themselves.

The Year 2 Collaboration Center