YanukovichLeaks attempts to record a country’s history


Joseph Kim, Y2

The group of journalists who worked day and night to salvage the documents and post them online worked with one goal in mind: To record their country’s history.

After only a week, thousands of documents were posted online at yanukovychleaks.org. Visitors to the site can peruse through files and files of what appears to be expensive payment records of Yanukovych’s home. Also included were papers that suggested bribes between government officials.

After posting the first successfully recovered document onto Facebook, the effort gained publicity. Volunteers, both local and global, brought in dozens of their personal scanners, as well as food and other essential materials. After only a couple of days, yanukovychleaks.org drew in more than 300,000 visitors a day.

“The recovered documents are being published on this website to make them available to journalists and citizens around the world,” according to the site. “The investigations based on these documents will also be published here and in Ukrainian media.”

The amount of international attention received through the Internet ensured the journalists that this was not a worthless cause. As the full story behind Yanukovych and his documents develops, Ukraine’s future is uncertain.

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